Monday, August 22, 2011

Ping Pong Comp

Ping Pong Comp               Starter            Elimination                 Semi Final                      Final

Sara vs Aidan                __________
                                               vs                 ___________
Thomas vs Samuel       __________                  

                                                                              vs                  ___________
Aidie vs Luke                 __________

                                              vs                   ___________           
Chaz vs Linda                __________

Saul vs Josh                  __________                                                    vs                   __________

                                             vs                      ___________           
Sophie vs Caitlin            __________
                                                                                 vs                 ___________
Fergie vs Cam               __________

                                              vs                     ____________     
Harry vs Jamie                __________

Rebecca vs Alana            __________

                                              vs                       ___________    
Camryn vs Cindy           ___________

                                                                                  vs                  ___________
Hannah vs Anna           ___________

                                               vs                       ___________
Natalya vs Maddi           ___________
                                                                                                                  vs                   _________
Jason vs Thor              ___________

                                            vs                          ___________
Lucy vs Ana                ___________
                                                                                 vs                     ___________
Sean vs Tyler             _______________________________      

As soon as you have finished your Home-Fun for the week you can start on your Ping Pong Comp, enjoy!

Also when you have finished your comp come and tell me and I will put it on the Qzealand times.

Have fun!

Spelling Update

In first place is... The Spellaticians with 197 points.
In second place is... The Thinkinators with 181 points.
In third place is... The Spelling Wizards with 179 points.
In  fourth place is... The Dictionaries with 170 points.
In fifth place is... The Human dictionaries with 167 points.
In sixth place is.. The Spellbots with 159 points.

In Seventh place is ... The Bees with 154 points.

Well done guys keep it up!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


At the moment in QZealand,  Everyone has been working on Technology. We are working on products and services for a big market for the whole school in week 5.  We have a range of products from Lemonade to Sock  Animals to Lollies to Friendship bracelets.  All the seniors are doing something.  I hope that whoever reads this can find the things they want or need at the market day and the businessmen and businesswomen have good sales! 

Monday, August 1, 2011

Class Newbie

So term 3 has started up and we have a new class member, Campbell Ferguson!!! Welcome to QZealand Fergy we hope you have a good time here and are hoping to learn some new things while we're at it!

Welcome back

Welcome back QZealanders, the QZealand times hopes you had a good holiday but now you better get on to your work or you be NEGATIZED(In other words, go into the negatives.):)