Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Workaholics Tidy Up

On Monday the Workaholics talked to the class and changed the rule of using stationery.  We changed the rule because we were losing so much stationery.  I will explain the rule so you don't forget.  So when you want to get 1 or more pieces of stationery you take away 200 snidges from your board total.  Once you are finished using the stationery, you tell Arnaka, Cameron or Hannah that you are returning the stationery, then put your 200 snidges back.

On Monday the Workaholics also asked for a huge tote tray clean up.  We had only 49 items of stationery left and then after the tote tray tidy up we had found 50 items of stationery so now we have most of our stationery back.  Just remember that if you lose you stationery or break it you won't get your 200 snidges back.

A message from your Prime Minister
Hannah Collier

Monday, November 24, 2014

Unhealthy QZealander Breakfasts

Arnaka and I agreed that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  But what if QZealanders aren’t having as healthy a meal as they should be?  We have made a chart to tell how well QZealanders are eating.

Wheat Bix
Coco Pops
Nutri Grain
Cup O’ Tea
Honey Puffs

We learnt that most QZealanders are eating unhealthy breakfasts and some nothing :/ Get healthy KIDS!

By Arnaka and Faith

Sunday, November 23, 2014


Athletics was a blast. People were cheering on other people. Some people think it is boring. But why? There is nothing to hate or dislike about it. You get to earn house points and if you are lucky your house might win which would be awesome.  I mean a trophy that is just awesome. So come on guys start enjoying athletics and maybe you will be in inter schools.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Mushroom Land Art

While T.C was away... QZealander's made some FABULOUS, Mushroom Land Art. The teacher that we had was... Mrs. Mabey! Here are some of the examples of the art we did =:3




By Sammie and Arnaka

Sunday, November 16, 2014


You need to return your Workaholics stationery once your finished using them.  Warning, we are near running out of blue pens so return them and take good care always you might end up with NO stationery by the end of the year.

Ara Uenuku

Yay we have Ara Uenuku. A great place to read books and do your work in peace but if you yap away you will get kicked out and dropped an independence level and that will not be good. So instead of getting distracted by people talking to you and you not getting enough sdl done get to Ara Uenuku and I bet you could have all of your Excellences by the end of the week. So come on guys make the right decision and you will retire at the end of the year.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


A few days ago T.C. was hurt on her motorbike while coming out of her driveway.  She has hurt her elbow and her calf muscle.  She has been in a little bit of pain.  So if she drops something we should pick it up.  If she needs help walking we will help her and all be very nice to her and just hope that she gets better soon.

Get better soon T.C 
Gemma and Arihia

Sunday, November 9, 2014

WANTED-Workaholics stationery

We have three red pens missing and we are missing five blue pens missing and three black pens missing.  This is very annoying because now the Workaholics have to try and find these missing items. We have one missing ruler and six pencils missing and one rubber.

Please return the stationery when you have finished using them.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Halloween Famous QZealanders Interviews

King George:

"So King George, On Halloween Night did you go trick or treating?"
"No Ma'am
"What did you do instead?"
"Um... I watched Dracula"
"What did you eat for Dinner?"
" Umm I ate Pigs on Toast with raw cow meat"
"OK wow, Did you see anyone from your kingdom?"
"I saw my soldiers and um they came and arrested a person called Sam"
"Ok and did you enjoy Halloween?"

Morgan Freewoman:

"On Halloween Night did you go trick or treating?"
"I guess so"
"Ok and did you get much candy?"
"What did you have for dinner?"
"Butter chicken with chicken eyes on raw fish with rotten cow meat."
"Did you see anyone you knew?"
"Good old Arihia dressed up as a farmer And Arnaka as a panda."
"Did you enjoy Halloween?"
"Yeah I enjoyed being spooky for a night."

Grandpa George:

"So on Halloween did you go trick or treating?"
"What is Halloween?"
"What did you do on Friday Night?"
"I threw pens across the room."
"What did you have for dinner?"
"Have you asked me this before?"
"Did you see anyone you knew from your retirement home?"
"Umm, My brother he is older than me."
"Ok, Did you enjoy Halloween night?"
"Yes I got lollies at my retirement home."

Grandma Louise:

"Did you go trick or treating on Halloween Night?"
"What  did you do instead?"
"I ate Hamburgers and watched spooky movies"
"What was for dinner?"
"Hamburgers and Ice cream."
"Did you see people you knew trick or treating?"
"I did not"
"Did you enjoy Halloween?"
"It was boring so no."

By Faith and Arnaka

Monday, October 27, 2014


Chicktionary has been used too much too often and you should be doing other things for SDL and not staying on Chicktionary for too long. TC has been forced to enforce a new rule so that you have only three games and if you don't get 10 words for 1 point or 20 words for 2 points then you need to wait until you get all you achieveds.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The 12:30 Ghost

The 12:30 Ghost is out to get Qzealanders! Sometimes he is super evil and comes late! 

He pushes people off their chairs!

He turns on the radio!

He trips people up!

Is the 12:30 Ghost someone in our class?
Is it George?

Is it Lochie?

Is it Hannah?

No one knows who the 12:30 Ghost is...
Or when they will next strike.

Grandpa George Interview

Grandpa George how old are you exactly?
I am um 1000 years old.
What is the best part about being a Grandpa George?
Being awesome and Queative.
Can you hear me asking you these questions?
Do you like being named after the king? I am the king and I am the king of Qzealand.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Newly Level Five- Samantha

Samantha Sherman has been put up to level five independence.  Congratulations Sammie!  Because she was put up to level five independence I decided to do some Questioning.

What was the feeling that you got when you got put up on to level Five?
Excited, Proud, Happy.

What is it like to be a level Five?
Fun because you get to do lots of different things.

What yet do you want to achieve?  (What is you goal for the rest of the year)
Help people to become a level four.

Why do you think you were put onto level five?
supporting and helping others.  Not just my friends.

What can you do that you can do on the other levels?
Sometimes take people outside if they're like a level five.

By Hannah Collier

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

QZealand working in peace

I've put together a video of you working in peace and being very quiet and calm and also of you working hard and getting your SDL done.

QZealand working in peace

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Grandma Louise

Hi I am Arihia and I will be talking about Grandma Louise.  I mean she is one of a kind. She is crazy and weird but that is what makes her awesome. She like to eat weird things like cheeseburger soup. Which sounds like something you would eat in a nightmare. Just thinking of a soggy cheeseburger makes me want to splat. Grandma Louise sometimes does dramas and they will make you crack up laughing. So thanks for listening and maybe watch a Grandma Louise drama. Bye

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Double SDL snidges

This week for SDL you could potentially get your self 1,200 snidges.  Because this week the snidges you earn are doubled.

s50 = to s100        

s100= to s200  

Famous people in Qzealand

This first picture is of Grandpa George.

This is Arihia and Grandpa George.

This is Arihia, Nana Murphy and Grandpa George.

This is Morgan freewomen.

This is hygen issue guy.

This is the lockless monster.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

WOW the Workaholics won the election by a long way with 21 votes. Hannah got 14 Prime Minister votes.  She went crazy and so happy when she was elected. Workaholics is a great party.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Bruce the Lamb

Josh has a pet lamb called Bruce and his mum bought Bruce in to Qzealand.  Bruce is a messy lamb, here are some photo of while he was here.

Displaying photo 1.JPGDisplaying photo 2.JPGDisplaying photo 3.JPGDisplaying photo 4.JPG

Monday, September 8, 2014

Gemma's PI

Gemma did her PI on Fashion designers, she had a great PI and a cool interaction.  You had to design an outfit for a model in your group.  You had a roll of sellotape, news paper, toilet paper and or plastic bags.  Here are the final results, sorry not everyone is on there some of the photos I toke didn't send to me properly.

Election hoardings

 On the eleventh of September all of the hoarding will come down!

Who will you vote for?

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Second party speech and debate

QZealand is having their second election speech.  We are also having a debate so our questionnaires are going to have to think of some tricky questions for the leaders and the party. The four speakers are Hannah Collier, Faith Offord, Kamil Mughal and Nathan Rankin.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

THE STAR Clicquot

Clicquot has the moves like Jagger.   He thinks that he's the king of the universe -which he is.  His thrones are the bean bags.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Election Parties

Four parties have been competing in elections.  The leaders are having their first speech on the 5th of August.  These are the party logos.  Remember its your choice for who you will vote for.   
                                                                      Peace Party                                                                                                                                                


Blue Foxes

Please vote for either: The Peace Party, Workaholics, Fobbiicious or Blue Foxes!