Thursday, November 8, 2012

Second Week of Touch Rugby.

Week 2 Of the Riverdale School touch rugby.   First it started with the Makos playing the Magpies. It ended                                                                 3-1 Makos won. Then it was the Tanwhas playing the Steelers. The score ended 2-3 the Steeler4s won.  Last  but not least the Makos again played the Torbos. The Makos won 1-4.    So thats another week done seya next time.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Touch Rugby Results

On Monday the 15th of October  at 3:45 Riverdale School touch rugby began. First game started with the Taniwha and Magpies played the first game at 3:45. The score ended up 2 - 3 Magpies won by a try. Second game was the Turbos and the Steelers. It was a tight match  between those two teams. The score ended 2 -3 to the Turbos.  And last but not least it was the Taniwha again this time playing the Makos.  The Taniwha had Tom in there team and guess what........ Tom score all there try ( no surprise there ) the score ended 6 - 1.  Clearly the Taniwha won.  So after reading the results here are some videos from the players..........

Friday, August 31, 2012

Foosball Comp

Hi all, Would anyone be interested in competing in a foosball competition if I created one? There would be a separate competition for boys and another one for girls. This is because boys seem to have different strengths in foosball to girls etc etc. I have asked some people and they would prefer it this way too. Please leave a comment below if you would be interested in playing. If there is enough people, I will ask if I can create one. Thanks, Jaime.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Matty's PI!

The week before last, Matty gave us an extraordinary PI. He did it on volcanos and used some quick and easy ingredients to make a live one. He used dough, baking soda (I think), red food colouring and more. Here is the amazing video. If you are reading this... Well Done Matty!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Wacky Nails!

Hello QZealanders, and welcome to the wacky nail week 1!
Each week I change my fingernail colour with nail polish and make them very wacky! This is pure entertainment so please do not load any of these photos onto Google or Google+ or anything because these photos are copyright (c) Copyright 2012.
This week we have my nails with 5 layers of nail stuff.
:Avon Strong Results (Helps nails to grow longer).
: OPI Hot pink nail lacquer.
:OPI blue glitter nail lacquer.
: MIKI Blue nail lacquer (Spots).
: MIKI gold glitter lacquer (Decoration layer).

So folks, get prepared for a very wacky nail week ...

Friday, June 29, 2012

Poll on litter.

Sorry QZealanders,
But never isn't actually an option now because how are we supposed to know the history of when we were little? A little bit is the best now because that would mean not very often or like once in your life. But I do not have permission to change it because someone has already voted.

Again sorry,
Jaime D.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Photo Comp

Be in to win S200 for the best animal action photo.  

2nd prize is S100 and 3rd is S50.

  • It must be a photo of an animal (not human)
  • There must be some action / movement (not asleep or sitting / standing still)
  • The photo must be taken some time after 12.50pm on 21 June 2012
  • No animal/s may be harmed in the taking of your photo
  • The subject should be in clear focus
  • The photo must be taken by you
  • The subject should stand out clearly from its background
  • The subject should occupy a large part of the photo
  • The photo may be cropped or otherwise enhanced
  • Entries must be emailed to Jaime ( by Wednesday at 3pm
  • You may enter as many photos as you like

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