Monday, September 7, 2015

Translation Competition

Are you a competitive person who loves to win but learn at the same time?? If you do then you better read on. This is a competition that will be on every week now but different topics every week so one week it might be name the food and the other week it might be try to guess the piece of furniture in QZealand. So this week it is a translation competition.

So what you do is I will type down the bottom of the page three sentences in three different languages and the sentences won't be the same as each other. So this week the sentences will be in German, Swedish and Maori. The winner will get a certificate saying their name what they won the certificate for and a signature. Good luck every body and put your answers like this in the comment box.

German - Translation - Pizza is yum.

Have fun everybody and good luck. You can not look on google translate for the answers but you can search the internet and read books for the answers so here are the questions.

German - What does this mean in English?     Clicquot ist der beste Hund, und er sollte in Riverdale Schule zugelassen werden.

Swedish - What does this mean in English? Vi har en tron i QZealand och det är bekväma.

Maori - What does this mean in Maori?  TC Ko te orometua rahi, me te ia i te kuri orotika, ko Clicquot.

So those are them and remember to type your answers down the bottom. :D