Saturday, March 31, 2012

After Camp What Did People Think About It?

What extraordinary camp.   It look like everyone was having so much fun that they even didn't want to leave.  We had Lot's of cool activity's and games , also we cooked outside we had to make our fire with our group it was so tasty.  I thought camp was so cool but here's some people with there own opinion.

Before Camp How's Everyone Feeling !!!!

The intense is building, we are only a few days until we are sent of to Camp Rangi Woods. I wonder how everyone is feeling in Qzealand, now here I have some videos for how some people are  feeling so LIGHTS  CAMERA  AND..... ACTION.........

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Miss Proudfoots Last Day

Today was Miss Proudfoots last day. Well not really because she is coming back to in Term 3!! But thats a long way away. She gave the class a book called " Red Eye " to remind us of the storys at Camp. She gave T.C a cook book. We had some thoughtful goodbyes from Jaime, Violet and Tom and a few other people. Very nice. Heres a picture to remember her by.

Pencil and Scribble Marks on QZ Furniture-New Furniture too!

In QZealand SOMEBODY or SOMETHING or SOME PEOPLE has ruined our newest furniture! From pencil marks to scribbling to smiley faces our furniture is a mess! Who could do such a crime? How are people reacting to this incident? If you agree please post a comment and if you don't believe it post a comment. We do have photo evidence though so I take it that you will believe! Cindy Edgeworth has pointed out it is all on the yellow furniture particularly. :(
Please take care of our things QZealanders!

photo.JPG    photo.JPG    photo.JPG     photo.JPG   photo.JPG    photo.JPG   photo.JPG  -Dirty on Yellow Desks                     photo.JPG- Clean Red Desks(and blue desks even though no photos!)

Photographed by Cindy Edgeworth

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tree Shadows

This may sound like a boring post but I find it really interesting.

Two weeks before camp I was drawing a tree and it's shadow. I realized that on side of tree is dark and the other light. Of course this is caused by the sun on one side of the tree. The shadow of the tree is a lot larger than the actual tree itself. The shadow changes every hour.
 I would have pictures but they got deleted off the IPod :(

Clicquot the amazing pup

Please enjoy this video of the adorable Clicquot!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New Staff

Hi Welcome to Q.Z times 2012.
Let me introduced you to are new staff
And me Jas
Keep reading Qzealand time for more stories.

How do people hold their pens?

You may think that this will be a very boring article but it is FASCINATING the way a whole lot of different people hold their pens! The most popular way of holding pens is the way most people hold them below. The reason for this is because it is the way we were taught in Y1(Year 1).