Monday, October 10, 2016

Nadias Queative thinking

Are you more like a river, a lake, an ocean or a waterfall? Why?

I feel like I am all of these apart from a lake because lakes are usually quite still and don't move a lot and I am always up and feeling energetic.

River- Because I like to flow fast and sometimes when I am annoyed or angry I get quite rapid inside me like Rapids in a river.

Waterfall/Ocean- Because when something has gone wrong my body sinks like a waterfall and I feel like giving up but I don't because waterfalls lead to oceans and then I rise back up into a never give up mode and I Spring myself back up to the top like the waves of an ocean.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The new kid - Tom and Friz

The New Kid

Today we will be Talking about the new kid!
He came into the class Wednesday 22nd June at 9am . He is very tall about 2m. FRIZ and I think he came from MARS! We think he's trying to get information about the human body. Then we will have a alien invasion. He is a boy I think. What sport does he like (Unknown) He likes watches. He has a watch. He might be a bigfoot. He has black shoes and Socks. His hair is very hairy.  And he acts very suspicious. He has a light blue sweater. He eats frog legs for breakfast, lunch, Dinner. His favourite colour is light blue or black. He writes left handed.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

The sad story - By Maggie

 The Sad Story

To start this terrible story let’s go back ten years six months and 11 days …

Once there lived a little girl called Maggie. She was an only child. She lived a happy life with her mum and dad until two years later. But we are not up to that part of the story yet. So yes, she lived a happy life pulling the toilet paper out of the toilet rack and dragging it around the house, doing puppet shows with her dad, playing on the tramp with her mum and having tea parties with her nana.  

Then the tragic thing happened two years later. Her mum was in the hospital and Maggie could not see her for two days. Then on the third day her dad let her come into the hospital with him..

When they got inside the hospital. Dad said to Maggie. ”You have got to be quiet." Maggie could not speak properly because she was only two so she did not respond.

As they walked into her mum’s room Maggie stood there. Her mum was holding something in her hands.  “Come over here Maggie, ” said mum quietly.  “Look it is your new baby sister Hannah. " Maggie stood there in shock. It was ludicrous. Why did they need another? They have me. What are they going to do with me? What if they throw me out?

A few weeks later...

They did not discard me but I found out something … I was not the only kid any more.  No more me all the time.

By Maggie
Lc 8

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Josh's year 4 writing

Lately I've been searching through my Google Drive and I've found this, read it, tell me what you think! This is all unedited year 4 writing by the way!

I've always been good at writing, here is one of my story's!

Hi! I’m a turtle; this is a story of my childhood. One day I went out for a swim and my mum said, “Don’t swim far!” But because I was a disobedient fellow I didn’t listen. Suddenly a shape appeared above me and something jumped into the water. It had a helmet and this strange suit on. Then I remembered my mum saying those creatures were deadly. The creature snatched up a stick with a sharp pointed end, which my mum called a spear gun. I dashed off as fast as I could; I had to warn the inhabitants of the reef. “EVERYBODY SWIM, HIDE! HUNTERS ARE NEAR!” We swam for the rocks just as the hunter popped into view. Unexpectedly a baby angelfish started to cry. Luckily the creature peered over the rocks but didn’t find us! I learnt a lesson from that day – listen to your elders. And that’s my story.

By Josh Smit

Sunday, June 26, 2016



Tonight brothers, we shall have a clandestine meeting!

(At the meeting)

Alright brothers tonight we shall rob our favourite shop and add the stuff to our collection!

The location of the store is at the corner of Alpine Avenue, next to that scoldy fish & chips shop and has that park on the other side.

Now I hate to break it to you but when we arrived the place was blocked off with cones and officers!

It was like they knew that we were coming! And that’s disturbing because it could mean we have a traitor in our midst!

So we asked the cops what was happening and it turns out that Fraser had already come by.

Now when somebody robs our favourite store, we get angry. But not just angry, angry with steam coming out of our nose and ears and our face is as red as a beetroot!

So we told the cops that we were gonna rob the store but our arch enemy had got there first.

The cops were very soft hearted so they started to feel sorry for us!

To Be Continued...

Trying to do Flips by Jacob and DC

DC and Jacob have been trying to learn some gymnastics because the bar tricks are getting a bit boring.
We've tried a front handspring and we have succeeded. Now we are trying to do a front flip on a gym mat and gradually do a flip on the ground but we have been yoloing the flips. We keep on trying but can't stop putting our hands on the ground because we are used to doing front handsprings. DC was thinking of doing a backspring but it seemed to hard and complex.
The next trick we will attempt will be a backflip on a tramp and land it.

-Jacob and DC

Plane driving by Callum M

I fainted, but when I woke up I realised that I was flying a plane. After a while I realised that I was afraid of heights so I started wiggling this thing in the middle. I think it was something to do with driving the plane, well that broke so I started to look around and I saw a pilot. I asked him “Did I need this?” As I was throwing it around in the plane “UM YEAH That was the thing that drove this  this plane!” He said. “Mayday! Mayday! Going down!” “The speaker isn't even on man,” “Oh, ah, yeah I , I knew that thank you. But I already knew.” I grabbed the speaker and then a weird voice came through it. “That’s what the guys in the back are for.” I wish you could vaporize yourself because he isn’t helping me at all. “Oh ok then push the big red button.” But the plane's response was “Self Destruct” SELF DESTRUCT! Yes in 3 seconds” said the plane.


Josh's new addition

I was sooo thrilled with my new addition.

Happy tears welled up in the corner of my eyes. Some tears were let loose, it was like a stream silently gliding down my cheek.

A few landed on the little kitten and glistened on her white specked thin black coat.

Her overwhelming joy to play was so pure and unmistakable, that well, it would feel wrong not to!

   - Joshua

The torturing rain

The Torturing Rain

Our classroom was rattling with noise while the booming rain was splattering down on the roof.

As I stepped out onto the slimy damp ground I felt my shoes slither with wetness.

I was wearing a bright yellow vest with my name on it.

I shouted out to Paige, “My shoes are soaked and I hadn't even been out there for a minute.”

I ran rapidly to Piako Tahi to do my peer mediation job. When I stepped into the fresh carpet of Piako Tahi I could sense the warmth of the classroom wrap into my skin.

We were asked to supervise in there until the teachers had sorted out the leaks in their classroom. All the leaks were coming from the cloak bay. Some were from the roof and some even coming from the tip of the windows.

Finally it was time for us to head to another classroom.

 When I stepped outside the classroom door I could feel the breeze and the rain spray towards me. I was gobsmacked. My hair was drenched and my shoes were saturated. I didn’t know what to do.

I dashed to LC11 and when I walked into the class they were all dancing and singing. At first I felt like I was at a party then I remembered that I was actually at school.

We went back to Piako Rua and, well, I was running like lightning. My foot splattered right into an enormous puddle. I wobbled and I wobbled until I finally got my balance back. But my foot was now the soggiest my foot had ever been. Now that was one showerey lunch time!

-Nadia Mabey.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

The Lost - By Josh Smit

The Lost

Have you ever had that sinking feeling?  When the worst possible outcome happens? When you just wish you could go back in time?

That happened to me tonight.  I had an ominous feeling that my new kitten Puma, had ran away...

It was dark and cold when we got home and as soon as we pulled up the drive we charged inside and asked dad if he’d let Puma out. He replied, 
“No, I haven’t seen her since this morning!” And that was it… those few words started the panic! First we had a good look around the house, then in her most common hiding spots. I started to freak out.

I grabbed my jacket and a torch and headed out into the unknown (A.K.A. my backyard). She hasn’t got a collar yet so if she was found they wouldn’t have a clue who the owner was. When we went around the back we heard some soft miaows coming from next door! We trooped around to our neighbour and asked them to open their garage. As we looked into the garage Puma shot out as if electrocuted, but we found her and that’s all that matters!  We don’t want to loose her again!

(We lost her again 2 nights later!)

By Josh Smit

Monday, May 30, 2016

Nadia's dog Jasper

My Dog Jasper

About a year ago my family decided to get a cute little puppy. Well he turned out to be very naughty. At first I really did not want to call our dog Jasper. But now I actually quite like the name! Jasper is a schnoodle ( schnauzer crossed with a poodle). He is a boy and Jasper has dark brown eyes and light black fur. We have noticed that in the middle of Jasper's fur is a golden streak that has just appeared lately. Whenever we leave home and we open the gate to get the car out Jasper decides to be naughty and runs out the gate down to someone's compost. We try to stop Jasper but every time he comes back with something disgusting from the persons compost. We tried taking Jasper to about 3 different puppy schools but he will just not behave. We have decided to just try and train Jasper at home now. Jasper is very naughty but he is also very cuddly, loving and very energetic and our family still loves him a lot!

By Nadia Mabey

Thursday, May 26, 2016

3 crazy people on the loose!

3 crazy people on the loose!!!
Q Zealand times news, 3 crazy people are on the loose!(shown below).
Screenshot 2016-05-26 at 2.53.40 PM.png
If you see them please call. (We don’t actually have phone numbers so don’t call anyone)
So make sure you are all inside and not in China. If you’re wondering why not to be in China it is because they could be blowing China up by now. So remember, stay safe and don’t call us. The information about them will be down below:

Names -Megan, Ally and Hayley.

Last seen in Qzealand ( Qzealanders be careful, especially the Queen of Quiddage!! TC ) Because they are on the loose in your land!!!
 NOTE: the reward is 000,000,000,000,00 snidges!

Our P.I's! -By Nadia Mabey

Our P.I’s!

Everyday in Qzealand we have a P.I. Lately we have had some very good ones. Our first P.I was actually from me. I did it about countries of the world. Everyone seemed to really enjoy it.

Our second P.I was from Dan. He did his about his cat Tiger. It was very interesting.
The next P.I was from T.C’s dog Cliquot. He did his about: Why do dogs roll in stinky stuff? Clicquot did a very good 

 Then we had Noah's P.I. He did his about catapults. Noah had very good audience interaction because he got 4 people to try and make a catapult.
Our next P.I was from Emma and her question was what were toys like 100 years ago? She did an awesome job of making some toys that they actually used 100 years ago. 

Then we had Megan's P.I which was about bees. Everyone got to try some honey that Megan's family had made.

After that we had Fraser’s P.I about bravery. It was very interesting and he had made a shield where we all wrote something about something that we had done which had been brave.

Then we had Maggie’s P.I and her topic was about the lochness monster in Scotland. Maggie did her P.I on a very cool website called Powtoon. 

Our next P.I was Shay's which was about soccer. Shay had a very good quiz that got the audience interacted. 

Then we had Brayton’s P.I and that was about rugby. In Braytons P.I everyone got to go outside and we got to see who could do the longest kick in our class. The winner was Tom. 

Then we had a very exciting P.I about sea life from Tom. Toms P.I was very good and everyone seemed to really like it! 

Finally we had Akiva’s P.I which was: Why do french bulldogs get their tails cut off? Akiva even brought in her own french bulldog called Zoe. Zoe was very cute! All our P.I’s  have been sensational so far and I am really looking forward to all the other P.I’s!

  • Nadia Mabey

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Girls night out! -By Josh

Girls Night Out

Here's the story of girls! If you want to be a girl follow my lead. This is how my attempt with the girls went!

"Hey gurls, let's talk about gurly things like cute kittens, and, and, um, your, PONIES yes, yes, that's it ponies and pink unicorns and rainbows."

"Jules?" they replied, "How about we go to the movies like totes" 
"Yeah like totes! Like totes!" I replied. But when they said movies I thought they meant let's watch Cinderella or The Sleeping Beauty!

But No they said "Let's watch Barbie!" And Barbie is a boys movie! Isn't it? I mean you've all watched Barbie. Haven't you!?

 I was flabbergasted when they said it was a girls movie! The movie was sooo good. But because I thought it was a boys movie I'd watched 5 times!

After that I was like "Let's go to  macers!" They just rejected the idea like totes and said "Let's just get a smoothie!"

- Josh S

Emma's Nana - Scanner phone

So, last weekend I went with my Nana to her work at the library in woodville.  The whole library was silent until…
The phone rang.  Nana went to answer the phone but she picked up the scanner instead.  She didn’t realize for a while.  She was getting all frustrated.  It was SO funny.  Eventually she realized nobody was talking to her on the phone ( scanner) and that the phone was still ringing.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Who's this speaking? - By Emma

It was Nana’s birthday.  Mum and I called her up to say happy birthday.
After that Mum decided to call my brother Dylan who lives in Wellington.  I over heard her say “Make sure you give Nana a ring to say happy birthday!”

The next day Nana came over to our house.  Mum asked if Dylan rang. Nana said “Yeah he did but I didn’t know who it was at first.  I had to ask him who it was!”
Of course we all started laughing.

By Emma Minshull

Arianas new dog Lucy

As I raced outside I was finally free . Out of the corner of my eye I could see a tall figure, it was just standing there,oh! It was just my dad but there was a living animal right beside him.

 As I rushed towards him if I could see a dog. I was so joyful! There's a new dog that is going to be in the family. As I walked along I asked, “ What are we going to call it?” Dad replys, “ what about lucy?” “ That’s  a  nice name!” I say as we hopped in the car and drove away .

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Mrs Nelmes

Mrs Nelmes.

On Thursday we had a teacher teaching in our class until 11:00 to fill in for TC. Her name is Mrs Nelmes. She is really nice and a great teacher. She had a game for us which was really fun. I hope that Mrs Nelmes will be able to come and teach in our class again.

- Nadia Mabey.

Nana has a orange face!


Nana and I were in the car on the way to ballet in town.  I was looking out the window as we were silent, nobody was talking until...
Suddenly Nana screams out  “ LOOK AT MY FACE!’  I whipped my head around and …
HA HA AHA! Nana had bright orange lipstick all over her face!  “ I THOUGHT IT WAS LIPBALM!” Nana shouted out at the top of her lungs.  She was getting all frustrated because she couldn’t find anything to wipe it off with.  As soon as we arrived at ballet Nana had to get out of the car in the middle of town to see if there was something in boot to wipe her face with!


Sunday, April 3, 2016



It was Easter morning.  I jumped out of bed and had my Easter egg hunt.  When Lunch time came we went to my Nana’s house.  As soon as we arrived we were giving easter cards and presents.  Now it was Nan’s turn.  She opened the envelope from Nana and…
It was a Mother's day card.  HA HA HA everyone started laughing!  NANA IT’S EASTER!
That is only one of the hilarious things my Nana has done

- Emma Minshull

Epro 8

Maths comp at monrad (epro 8)

On thursday the 31st of march an intense problem solving/3d printed/Maths contest  is being held. Guess what! 8 riverdale pupils will be battling their EXTREME maths expertissim against 10 breathtaking  other teams of students! Here and now is when it gets serious all schools are determined to win, will it be riverdale or will we slip down and lose! Find out in a second news report on friday!

EPRO 8   update

Wow that challenge was awesome!  the whole experience was great, It was nothing like we thought, we thought it would be mathematical challenge involving division, multiplication, algebra, etc. but NO! It was kind of a building contest but also involved wires and buttons so it was kind of involving tech, also maths because everything had to be in the right angle to work. Anyway we all had so much fun,  we even got placed, boys got first place, and girls got sixth, because there were three second equals and one fifth.

By Hayley Hudson

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter Disasters!

Hello fellow QZealanders,

I, Rio am going to hold a competition for my first time. It is going to be about your disasters in the five day holiday. Here are your instructions to enter this comp.

1. In some way present/send me something about a disaster that happened in your Easter holiday. Video, pictures, Google slides etc.

2. Make sure I know it is from you.

3.  For the title type My Easter disaster - (insert name here) and share it or send it to me.

DUE DATE: Friday 8th April


1st place - 300xp and S300
2nd place - 200xp and S200
3d place - 100xp and S100

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Why QZealand doesn't trust TC.

Trust issues with TC

So occasionally TC sends us for five minute breaks. But now nobody trusts her, Here's why.

The first time we went for a five minute break she set up an evil plan, to trick us all. The plan was a paper folding activity. She said we had to make the fold, with no further instructions. Nobody could guess how to do it though.

We all tried hard for a whole 15 MINUTE BLOCK and still didn’t get it. Half way through we realised she was sneakily roaming around the room, scribbling down all the comments we made on her idea.

She said she would show us all how but first she read out everything we said, SCISSORS! SCISSORS! SCISSORS! Was mainly the only things we said, After she showed us how to do it everybody said “I would have done that easily if I knew there was that twist”.

So yeah that's why we have trust issues with TC.

By Hayley



Lily is a very friendly girl and she loves cats. Lily has blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. Daisy is lily's cat's name and lily adores Daisy. She is very supportive when it comes to stuff like cross country and swimming sports. Lily is in the house Tui (the same as me). Monty is lily's little brother. Lily is a very kind caring friend.

By Nadia Mabey

Sunday, March 13, 2016



This year in QZealand we have a new student who has never been to Riverdale School. Her name is Crystal and she has come from Bainesse school. Crystal has brownish hair and she usually has a blue ribbon in her hair. Crystal is one of the technicians in our class for her class job. She is a very friendly kind person.

By Nadia Mabey.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Lily and Maggie's writing about Nadia

​This is Nadia.  She is nice and she would like to help at any time. A lot of people are afraid to speak in public but Nadia will do it any time which I think is really fantastic.  In our class we have Blake and Nadia loves to help him out all the time.

By Lily

This is Nadia Mabey.

​She is a great friend. Maggie and Nadia take care of Blake after morning tea. For now Nadia has made Blake happy when Maggie is at her workshop. Maggie and Nadia work well with each other.  Blake is happy and he is doing very well. Nadia Mabey is a good leader when she is not getting annoyed or stressed. Nadia should be represented as a leader and Maggie should too but they both have done really well .
Good work Nadia.
By Maggie


Fraser is a funny and weird crazy guy. He loves playing on devices and playing with bugs. Say there was a spider in the middle of the class. Everyone would go into a circle because they are scared. But not FRIZ. No! He would go and pick it up. Over the past two years Daniel and DC have been in his class. He has had wetas, cockroaches, spiders and huhu grubs as pets. It was a little creepy at first but we got used to it. That's Frizz's personality. 

He has lots of nicknames as well, like Frizzle Frazzle, FRIZ Bear, FRIZ and Peanut. He has a friend who named two chickens after him. Their names were Frizzle and Frazzle.

-Dan (the Man)
-DC aka Washington or Flyboy

Saving my teacher!

!Saving my Teacher!8.3.16

Camp day 2

Dear Diary,
This is Day 2 of camp and we are going to the river. Sadly the current is too strong so we just get to look at birds, insects and that kind of stuff. I guess it's alright… I beg my teacher TC that my friends and I are really, REALLY good swimmers, but she still just says, “It's too dangerous. Only you are allowed to go swimming if you want to.” Just great. Whoops! That's the hooter for breakfast. Ggotta go!

We’re at the river and we’re having a class picnic. My best friends, Emma and May have been bothering me since I got here about how I take my diary everywhere. Oh well. Nothing that interesting here so I'll write later I guess.

OMG I just saved TC from drowning! I am so happy everyone is treating me like a hero! I hope that proves to TC that I'm good at swimming. I am right now going to write what happened at the time:

I walk slowly since I'm just trudging along the dirt footpath as we head back to the campsite. Then TC looks over at the river. “See I told you it's dangerous to swim there!” she says. “But you see I can swim in there.”

TC suddenly rips off her dress and under it is a neon green swim suit. Everyone is staring in horror with their mouths wide open. She stretches her arms up in diving position  and runs up to the edge of the crashing river, leaps and throws herself into the gushing water with a SPLASH! I gasp and we all run over to the water's edge. I search the water for a show-off teacher but all I see is a lady struggling to swim. “She's drowning!!!” One of the students yell. “What should we do?” says May. “Why don't we just let her drown since she's a stupid teacher…?” says someone from a gang of boys. Everyone glares, well, most of the pupils. I think, as I can hear my teacher screaming, “Someone help me!!!! I’M GOING TO DIEEEE!!!!” Then I think of an idea.

I sneak out of the crowd, duck behind a bush and get changed into the unused swimming togs that will be useful soon. Hopefully. I leave my bag and clothes behind the leafy bush and arrange my dark purple goggles to my eyes. Everyone stares at me like, ARE YOU MAD!? But yes I am going to do it. I crawl over to the gushing water that has carried TC further and further away. I stand up, stretch my arms up high and plunge into the overlapping current of the river. The water is ice cold and it freezes the tips of my fingers and toes so they're numb. I can feel pain stretching over my body from coldness as the water wraps around me. I push through the current as I swim towards my silly teacher. “Help me, HELP MEEEE!!!” What the heck? Well I am going to help her! As I grab onto her leg and start pulling her towards the other side of the river where safety lies I can hear over the crashing water, “HELP! A SHARK’S GOT ME AND IT’S TAKING ME TO ITS FAMILY TO EAT ME!!!” Wow. Overly dramatic. A shark would have bitten her leg off by now…

I pull her up to shore and she stands up, soaked, with a bunch of towels wrapped around her. I climb out, my body trembling and my teeth chattering. Goosebumps cover nearly every inch of my skin, my hands and feet have gone pure white and I can't feel them. Everyone watches me and TC is beaming. I smile at her as she thanks me so much. I get dressed behind my bush and I walk over with my BFFs back to our campsite.

Back to school

Dear diary,
Today was a magnificent day. I got so many answers wrong on my three tests and my teacher gave me a A+! I mean how cool is that? Also at assembly I got a Principal's Award, a Right Choice Award, the School Student Trophy AND I got to go in front of the whole school and they all cheered for me. Now, if anyone in the school is unkind to me in the slightest way they get lunch club from Mrs Peck. So cool right? But actually it's not so cool in one annoying way. It was ALL a dream… Well at least it was the best dream EVER! Well goodbye for now dream diary…

By Rio

Sunday, March 6, 2016

The 12:30 ghost

The 12:30 ghost

Lately in QZealand we have had a rumor going around about if it is true that there is a ghost in QZealand! For example the door from LC8 to LC7 sometimes swings open by itself which is a little creepy. And I have actually seen some shadows of people sometimes when no one is even near from where the shadow is coming from. QZealanders likes to call it “the 12:30 ghost” because a lot of the time when these strange things happen it is 12:30. But no one knows for sure if this is real or not………

By Nadia Mabey

Wednesday, March 2, 2016


This is Ariana and she is a  new QZealander. She is nice and kind and will help you out any time.
A lot of people are too scared to talk to her but I  can tell you she is really nice.  Ariana has said to me that anyone can come up to her, girl or boy, old or young and she will help out and do her best to fix the problem.

By Maggie

Monday, February 29, 2016

Will we see some baby chicks?

Lucky us! Noah has invited us QZealanders to visit his house to see some baby chicks on Wednesday the 2nd of March! Check QZealand times daily to see if the full story is up for reading!

TC's 'i' allergy!

Recently I, Rio, have found a discovery about TC. She has an 'i' allergy! Her tragic i allergy is caused by seeing a lowercase letter   'i' when people refer to themselves. Whenever she sees this common mistake her 'i's will water and go all red and puffy.  Then she will plead, "Fix it.... please!" and then she will start coughing and choking! Poor TC! I figure we students will need to help out with this terrible situation by remembering to use a capital 'I' for "I', I'm, I'll, I've and I'd. Let's hope this chaotic situation will end soon for TC before she loses her 'i-sight'!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Welcome to QZealand 2016

Welcome to QZealand 2016

What a great start to the year we have had in QZealand!
Here are some photos to prove it:

Everyone is enjoying their new class… The magic air must be real! We have been kind to each other and no one has moaned that they don’t like the class. Everyone has made a huge contribution to make this class great. Let's hope this continues on through the rest of the year!