Friday, May 25, 2012

Cross Country

On Tuesday the 22 of May, Riverdale School had Cross Country. Tui won and Takahe came 2nd. Here are some pictures off Flickr of our awesome day!!!

- Joel came first in his race :)

 Sam looks very determined. He came second.-

Keep on running boys :)

Thursday, May 24, 2012



came to school on the 25th of may 2012 we were all very excited when we saw him and very sad when he had to leave.

By Nakeita and Rumer

Monday, May 14, 2012

Cross Country

Wowie! Cross Country is next Tuesday! Time to find out who has been training off I go! OK I've come back now and lots of people haven't! It appears that most of the 'sporty' people have though! I have run around doing laps of the backyard and sometimes the treadmill myself but I have also trained at school too. My own personal goal is to come into the top 10. Lauren's goal is to come 2nd. Some people don't seem to have goals and others do. Well, everybody is different! Have a good go at the cross country!!!:) All the best for everybody.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Great Foraging Expedition 2012

Briana the person who took us for the weed walk.

Some of the kids holding the fennel licorice.

The Great Foraging Expedition 2012 was amazing.  Wonderful.  Cool.  Up top. Supercallifragillistic  Exbealladoshis. Any other word to describe awesome (there's another one). It was a great experience. I'm so caught up telling you how good it was I havent even told you what the heck it is!!!! Here we go....(wince) The Great Foraging Expedition (also known as the G.F.E. 2012) is... a weed walk. It may not sound overly all fascinating but it really is. Rumers mum organised a weed walk. She taught us lots of plants that we can eat and use for any health promblems. One of  the were called Kawakawa witch is great with a toothache, a swollen face, kidney problems and much much more if I list them all it will fill the whole page (OMG) Anyway that was only one there is one that I really want to talk about witch is ...... Fennel Licorice.  It has a very unusual taste it taste just like licorice (is that even possible?) Everyone that I asked on that day said "That was sooooo sweet it just taste like licorice." So if you found this intersting and want to learn mre or ask any qustions just enter the Qzealand world (which is LC13) find Rumer if not the details are on the board(her mum's email address and phone number). That is it from our reporters (Salma & Josh). So keep reading Qzealand Times and read our fascinating stories.