Sunday, June 26, 2016



Tonight brothers, we shall have a clandestine meeting!

(At the meeting)

Alright brothers tonight we shall rob our favourite shop and add the stuff to our collection!

The location of the store is at the corner of Alpine Avenue, next to that scoldy fish & chips shop and has that park on the other side.

Now I hate to break it to you but when we arrived the place was blocked off with cones and officers!

It was like they knew that we were coming! And that’s disturbing because it could mean we have a traitor in our midst!

So we asked the cops what was happening and it turns out that Fraser had already come by.

Now when somebody robs our favourite store, we get angry. But not just angry, angry with steam coming out of our nose and ears and our face is as red as a beetroot!

So we told the cops that we were gonna rob the store but our arch enemy had got there first.

The cops were very soft hearted so they started to feel sorry for us!

To Be Continued...

Trying to do Flips by Jacob and DC

DC and Jacob have been trying to learn some gymnastics because the bar tricks are getting a bit boring.
We've tried a front handspring and we have succeeded. Now we are trying to do a front flip on a gym mat and gradually do a flip on the ground but we have been yoloing the flips. We keep on trying but can't stop putting our hands on the ground because we are used to doing front handsprings. DC was thinking of doing a backspring but it seemed to hard and complex.
The next trick we will attempt will be a backflip on a tramp and land it.

-Jacob and DC

Plane driving by Callum M

I fainted, but when I woke up I realised that I was flying a plane. After a while I realised that I was afraid of heights so I started wiggling this thing in the middle. I think it was something to do with driving the plane, well that broke so I started to look around and I saw a pilot. I asked him “Did I need this?” As I was throwing it around in the plane “UM YEAH That was the thing that drove this  this plane!” He said. “Mayday! Mayday! Going down!” “The speaker isn't even on man,” “Oh, ah, yeah I , I knew that thank you. But I already knew.” I grabbed the speaker and then a weird voice came through it. “That’s what the guys in the back are for.” I wish you could vaporize yourself because he isn’t helping me at all. “Oh ok then push the big red button.” But the plane's response was “Self Destruct” SELF DESTRUCT! Yes in 3 seconds” said the plane.


Josh's new addition

I was sooo thrilled with my new addition.

Happy tears welled up in the corner of my eyes. Some tears were let loose, it was like a stream silently gliding down my cheek.

A few landed on the little kitten and glistened on her white specked thin black coat.

Her overwhelming joy to play was so pure and unmistakable, that well, it would feel wrong not to!

   - Joshua

The torturing rain

The Torturing Rain

Our classroom was rattling with noise while the booming rain was splattering down on the roof.

As I stepped out onto the slimy damp ground I felt my shoes slither with wetness.

I was wearing a bright yellow vest with my name on it.

I shouted out to Paige, “My shoes are soaked and I hadn't even been out there for a minute.”

I ran rapidly to Piako Tahi to do my peer mediation job. When I stepped into the fresh carpet of Piako Tahi I could sense the warmth of the classroom wrap into my skin.

We were asked to supervise in there until the teachers had sorted out the leaks in their classroom. All the leaks were coming from the cloak bay. Some were from the roof and some even coming from the tip of the windows.

Finally it was time for us to head to another classroom.

 When I stepped outside the classroom door I could feel the breeze and the rain spray towards me. I was gobsmacked. My hair was drenched and my shoes were saturated. I didn’t know what to do.

I dashed to LC11 and when I walked into the class they were all dancing and singing. At first I felt like I was at a party then I remembered that I was actually at school.

We went back to Piako Rua and, well, I was running like lightning. My foot splattered right into an enormous puddle. I wobbled and I wobbled until I finally got my balance back. But my foot was now the soggiest my foot had ever been. Now that was one showerey lunch time!

-Nadia Mabey.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

The Lost - By Josh Smit

The Lost

Have you ever had that sinking feeling?  When the worst possible outcome happens? When you just wish you could go back in time?

That happened to me tonight.  I had an ominous feeling that my new kitten Puma, had ran away...

It was dark and cold when we got home and as soon as we pulled up the drive we charged inside and asked dad if he’d let Puma out. He replied, 
“No, I haven’t seen her since this morning!” And that was it… those few words started the panic! First we had a good look around the house, then in her most common hiding spots. I started to freak out.

I grabbed my jacket and a torch and headed out into the unknown (A.K.A. my backyard). She hasn’t got a collar yet so if she was found they wouldn’t have a clue who the owner was. When we went around the back we heard some soft miaows coming from next door! We trooped around to our neighbour and asked them to open their garage. As we looked into the garage Puma shot out as if electrocuted, but we found her and that’s all that matters!  We don’t want to loose her again!

(We lost her again 2 nights later!)

By Josh Smit