Monday, February 29, 2016

Will we see some baby chicks?

Lucky us! Noah has invited us QZealanders to visit his house to see some baby chicks on Wednesday the 2nd of March! Check QZealand times daily to see if the full story is up for reading!

TC's 'i' allergy!

Recently I, Rio, have found a discovery about TC. She has an 'i' allergy! Her tragic i allergy is caused by seeing a lowercase letter   'i' when people refer to themselves. Whenever she sees this common mistake her 'i's will water and go all red and puffy.  Then she will plead, "Fix it.... please!" and then she will start coughing and choking! Poor TC! I figure we students will need to help out with this terrible situation by remembering to use a capital 'I' for "I', I'm, I'll, I've and I'd. Let's hope this chaotic situation will end soon for TC before she loses her 'i-sight'!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Welcome to QZealand 2016

Welcome to QZealand 2016

What a great start to the year we have had in QZealand!
Here are some photos to prove it:

Everyone is enjoying their new class… The magic air must be real! We have been kind to each other and no one has moaned that they don’t like the class. Everyone has made a huge contribution to make this class great. Let's hope this continues on through the rest of the year!