Monday, August 31, 2015

Reading Research

Are you wondering what on earth a reading researches are the you better read on. This will help you survive the term with reading researches. Plus you can get up to three points in SDL and man that is heaps that can get you an achieve straight away plus they are really fun to do and the topic are awesome to choose from and there is heaps of them.

All of the instruction are on the site of the way you do it. I will also help you when you need it you just call me over then I will help you straight away. You also need to remember to use the templates when you are writing so it goes straight. You right all the questions in your book then put an answer that is understandable next to it but also short like a dot jot next to it. Once you have answered all of the question you get a piece of printer paper and you write the answeres on the paper but make them longer for example - How much milo should you put in a cup?   2tsp - How much milo do you put in a cup? You should put two teaspoons of milo into the cup.

So that should help you out but if you still don't get it and you have no idea what to do well then just call me over and come up to me and I will come need help you out but I won't do it for you. Sorry.
I hope this does work out for you and if it doesn't you know what to do. Thankyou for reading my Qzealand article on reading research. Have fun and good luck.


Sunday, August 30, 2015

Minecraft vs Terraria


Votes For
Votes For
Votes For

    Wins The Competition

So a few days ago I went around the class asking people what’s better Minecraft or Terraria and people said Minecraft. So Minecaft Wins xD.

Monday, August 24, 2015


Who loves playing with the clay but just doesn't know what to make or what to do then you better read on it will help you to have the best clay animals at the end of the year. I will also put a tutorial on here for you to find ways to make them without just those really hard to read and understand pictures on google images.

Animals to make:
Dog              Cow          
Sheep           Lizard
Crocodile     Chicken
Mouse          Snake
Hamster       Fish
Pig               Lion
Cat               Tiger
Turtle           Giraffe
Giraffe         Panda

Videos of making clay animals

Monday, August 17, 2015

How To Get All Your Excellences In SDL?

So everyone wants to get all their excellences in SDL but they just don't know how to. Read along and I will tell you three ways to get all your excellences by the end of the week and I mean who doesn't want to have an extra 600 snidges in their bank account.

First way to get all your excellences is by ruling your book up while we are doing home fun check in the morning on Monday. Also Try to write in your words as quick as possible once it is SDL time.

Secondly you should do a dash or a sign next to all the activities you are going to do on the day. This will help a lot because you won't spend ages trying to choose what task you should do.

Thirdly if you do the compulsory tasks first it helps. Doing Khan academy at the start of the week helps so you won't be worrying and rushing to do it at the end of the week so you can do Quiddage. Also on the Monday night you should do your visual language because that is the hardest to get an achieved in.

So that is my short and quick guide on how to get all your excellences by the end of the week. If this does work for you please comment below and say what worked and what didn't work so much for you.