Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A bit of both

OK. Do you want the good news or the bad news first? Well I'm just going to give you the good news.

All the Year Fives who were in LC13 in 2010 are in LC13 in 2011!!!...... Now for the bad news:

All our friends and the well known Year Sixes are leaving Riverdale and moving on to Intermediate.

I hope you enjoy your life as Year 6 and 7's in 2011.

Bye QZealand

Hi QZ! I miss you already. Wish I could stay for another year!! TC, you're the best teacher I've ever had. Keep reminding Mr McNaught to keep practising his pirouettes. Thanks for the best year I've had in my whole Riverdale life. Farewell QZealand, but not for good.
Love, Libby (Sour Cream)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Te Puawai Hangi Being Lit

The Hangi has been officially lit by our kaias Caelum, Corbin and Connor. We are all very excited about the Te Puawai concert tonight, and especially afterwards when we get to eat the food from the hangi! YUM YUM! Well done boys! A great hangi lighting. Have a great night tonight at the concert. WELL DONE AND GOOD LUCK!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

QZ Times Update

As you can see the QZealand Times got a new style. The old one was getting a bit boring so it got changed to something that related to our class. It has the four suits, (Clubs, Hearts, Spades, Diamonds) probably because of the Quiz and that the other things we do with our groups. Well we didn't want to make it fluffy bunnies or anything like that because bunnies have nothing to do with QZealand. Well I hope everyone likes it.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


A paragraph is a space where the reader can stare into blankness and absorb what has been written.

A paragraph is like a hotel. A place where you can stop and think.

Although blank, staring into a paragraph can really help with concentration.

TC will love this story because TC likes paragraphs. TC tells me to paragraph.

At a paragraph you can give your brain a rest. You can imagine the charecters. The scene. The plot.

When you stop at a paragraph you can fix the story with your imagination so that it suits you.

At a paragraph you can do anything. Think anything.

A paragraph is like an imaginary world waiting to be stylised.

The End

The gumboot

Room 12 is challenging us to a game for the gumboot - the colourful colourful gumboot.
Maddy, Luce and Zia were the girls who won back the gumboot.

The gumboot was started by Mrs Kenyon. Nancy Won a.k.a 'the Nancinator' decorated it so magnificently.

Monday, November 29, 2010

TC's secret :O**

If you don't like unexpected secrets, CLOSE THIS WEBSITE! If you do like unexpected surprises, continue. It all started with an announcement over the loud speaker.
"All students wanting some Stewbulee, line up on the senior deck now please," said Mrs. Helm.

STAMPEDE..! Everyone ran, pushed, shoved, bit and elbowed to get to the senior deck.
"MOVE!!!" shouted Natalya louder than she was on opposite day, and she shoved me into the heater. I felt a button push under my fingers and I fell through the heater. I landed on my emergency sour cream I always kept in my pocket. I got up and I saw... a robot. An ordinary robot. But it had buttons like; drive, talk, laugh, smile, yell, walk and run.

Now there are only two people in QZealand who can drive: TC and Karina. Karina can't be a robot she's too... well, for my own physical health I choose not to describe Karina until at a safe distance. I know!!! TC is a robot! She liked my black hole story and no human could be as random! (apart from me). I wonder if Karina knows? Nah! But if you are reading this, GET ME OUTTA THE HEATER, I'M LOW ON SOUR CREAM!!!

The day I knew what to write**

One day I knew what to write. I got quite famous. Arguably more famous than when I published my cook book; Stewbulee with extra spit. I'll tell you my story; on the day I knew what to write, I am just doing SDL at my desk and staring at Emma. She has the most unusual habit of writing, frowning, scribbling it out and eating the page. I wonder if paper is good for you? I bet it tastes good with sour cream!

But then it comes to me; I close my Anything Book and get out my red and purple book. This book means more to me than sour cream, and I LOVE sour cream. I open the book and start writing faster than my Nanna talks (hard to beat!) and by the time it was morning tea I had written seventy five chapter books. The next day I became famous. Then I became a millionaire! So we gave half the money to charity and spent the rest on Stewbulee. It was a good life. It was such a bummer when I woke up!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Dear PP
My brother ******* flew to Mars today and said
I couldn't come because I have yellow hair. I think this is very unfair because he is so much more immature than me. He also said that I could catch immature disease and that he is immune to it. Oh what can I do? I NEED TO GO TO MARS!!
Yours sincerely, person whose name I don't want mentioned on QZealand times

PP: Well you could tell him that he is yellow and he is as mature as a 2 year old!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Dear pp
I have a problem. Well it starts with one person in our class. He keeps sucking the pillows
and it is very unhygienic for people who may accidently touch the pillows. So please help me pp.

A. Tell him that you don't like it or ask TC if she could talk to him.
Hope this helps.

Opposite day**

The End
I woke up on Opposite Day, not having a clue about what was going to happen. It was quite frightening. Let me give you a brief explanation; I am walking on the senior deck and I see Kate.
"Hi Kate!" I yell. She turns to face me.
"Leaving so soon?" she asks
"What?" I say
"Never mind." she says and that's when I notice with a start that she brushed her hair.

I walk into QZealand and my mouth drops open; there are strange coloured liquids and powders everywhere!
"MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!" I jump and turn around to see TC! "I have found a potion which will shrink everyone in Palmerston North!", she says. TC was a mess! her hair stands on end, her face is covered in black ash and she is wearing a lab coat. TC is evil. Weird.

Then comes Karina; she has blonde hair in which there lays a flower tiara. She is wearing a yellow daffodil dress with no make up and she is singing to herself and swaying side to side. Karina is a hippy. "TC" says a deep, booming voice I don't recognise "The toilet's backed up again" I spin around to see Mr McCallum and he is SUPER tall and he isn't wearing a vest. Everyone has changed!! Zia is slow, Aidan hates war, Alana is very talkative, Britt is ugly, Caleb can't play the saxophone, Chaz hates dinosaurs, Handy isn't handy, Emma hates smiggle, Grace is not brilliant, Hadley is normal, Hannah isn't my friend, Harry isn't scary, BOB isn't friends with Egg, Kelly doesn't throw things at me, I don't know what's going on, Linda isn't creative, Lucy Brunn hates cats, Michal hasn't got a Mohawk, Nat is violent, Oliver is short, Sara can't play soccer, Sophie hates Sara, Thomas has no friends, Kennedy is enemys with Caleb, Alan is dumb, Maddy is mean, Lucy can't dance, Mr. Mcnaught quit ballet, Natalya is loud, Egg isn't competitive, Kennedy is bad at drawing, my sister isn't annoying... it's like the whole world has been turned around! Sooooooo... I give Alan a calculater, Zia a running tecnique, Introduce Maddy to Oprah, teach Lucy to dance, help Mr. Mcnaught with his pirouettes, Give something to Natalya to make her seem louder than she actually is, tell Egg that girls are better than boys (fact) and as for Mr. MacCullam, I splash some of TCs' shrinking potion on him to put him back to normal size (1.5) signed Aidan up to the Navy, glued Alanas' mouth shut, sent Britt away to a french makeover salon, played Caleb a saxophone song, sent Chaz to a museum, hit Handy on the head with a hammer, bought Emma some silly bandz, gave grace some sour cream, gave Hadley some sort of blue liquid of TC's, said Happy birthday to Hannah, gave Harry a halloween mask, got Egg to write a letter to BOB, gave Kelly a tennis ball and called her a *****, gave Linda a beados set, got Lucy a stuffed cat, gave Michael some gel, got Nat a therapist, got Oliver some high heels, got Mr. Maccullam to put Sara in his soccer team, also sent Sophie to a therapist, gave Thomas a pumpkin with a vivid face, and gave Kennedy a letter "from Caleb" so everything was back to normal. Except for one thing; Kates' hair!
The Start

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Spelling Teams**

The spelling teams worked hard out to get to the top and the top three are...

The Dictionaries: Zia, Hannah, Libby, Grace
Spellatitions: Alana, Corbin, Nat, Aidan
Spelling Bees: Emma, Maddy, Luce, Spohie

We have been organizing times for cooking and it's only the people in the team who's name I mentioned.
The groups have to plan and cook a Entree, Main and a desert.

I hope the groups enjoy they're cooking and I'll keep you updated of how it went.

Problem Paula

Q. I want classes to challenge in the gumboot because no classes are and we are getting bored and not playing games. Can you help us get a class to challenge us!!!!!


A. Email the class teacher. Say some games and maybe some good times. Well hope this helps.

A. Maybe send some emails to the class and tell them the Gumboot is on the shelf getting mouldy and maybe you could challenge us.

A. Ask students from other classrooms to tell their teachers that they really want the gumboot back and they need to challenge us.

Q. Dear Problem Paula
I always knock the bar over in high jump. People keep on making fun of me and laughing at me cause I can't do high jump. People help me but its really hard to do. I need the high jump to be down the lowest which is really embarrassing. It makes me really angry and it makes me not want to do it any more.

A. Just dont take any notice of them and ask them to stop it.
Well hope this helps.

Grand Great Gumboot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!**

Our class looks a lot better now that the gumboot's safely back at home in QZealand. We had a great team of five represent us. QZealand blasted LC12 in the balance board challenge when amazingly Maddy and Zia got six minutes and Caleb got just under. Well done also to Luce and Harry who both had great times.


Last Friday we had our speech competition. We all had to prepare and write our own speech. There was a range of different topics. From "Why do people cheat?", to "Is Chess a sport?"
BUT out off 30 kids we had to decide on two people. We came to a deadlock. There were four kids - Libby, Maddy, Luce and Zia. They all presented their speeches again. In the end we had to decide on two people. They were .......... Drum roll please!!!!!!!! Maddy and Zia.

They then went on to the final. They were up against... Philip, Mia(L.C12) Jasmin and Amy(L.C11) Anna and Maddi(L.C10) and of course each other. Everyone presented their VERY good speeches which by the way were all VERY good. BUT there could only be one winner. AND that was...... Jasmin From L.C 10. Second was our very own ....... MADDY!! L.C 13 (as you know). And third was Anna From L.C 10.

So we were all very glad about our second place win! (although we would like to have come first). BUT well done to every one for giving it a go.

My Black Hole**

My Black Hole
The story of my black hole, is SO boring that when I was reading it to the owl in my back yard, it fell asleep in broad daylight!
But I do not ask you to stay awake beacause then I would be setting you an impossible mission. Anyway... here goes. One
morning, I woke up and had my breakfast ( Powdered troll toenails and pony toejam paste on toast) my mother made an announcement: "Today we are going to Neptune" Mum said. My sister looked up from her goblin bogey and beetroot loops,
and said "Neptune?!" in a disgusted voice " I want to go to Jupiter!" Faith screeched "Honey" Mum said "we went to Jupiter yesterday" Faith looked furious "But its my favorite planet out of: Neptune, Mars, Earth, Saturn, The moon, Pluto And the funny planet with no name!" she said and stormed off to her hovercraft playhouse. Mum sighed "Kids are so ungrateful in the elleven billionth century" she said "I like Neptune" I said " I hope we see an alien!" Mum looked at me "Aliens are very rare" she said "don't get your hopes up to much" she said. So I packed my pink sequined space suit and my magenta Rocket ship, and we took off to Neptune two hours later. When we finally arrived, an important looking man stood waiting for us. "Good after noon" he said to Dad "I understand you are Justin Offord?" he asked Dad nodded "I am Important" said the important looking man "We know that but what's your name?" Asked Justice Dad nudged Justice in the ribs and started apoligising to the man. If you haven't fallen asleep yet, so far so good, you're doing better than the owl. Anyway... "Mum" I said "can I go exploring?" Mum looked up at the starry ceiling and back at me "I guess... " said mum so I took off then, I saw it, a rustle of feathers and "pop!" out of a nearby crater out popped a pukekalien. I gasped. "Are you going to make a wish or not?" oh yeah I almost forgot to tell you: all aliens can grant one wish in their whole life, and all of them can talk. Anyway... "Well ?" wheezed the pukekalien "I um.. I... I wish I had a portable mini black hole that I can take anywhere" I said. So the pukekalien reached into the night sky and pulled out a black hole which he gave to me. But just then I fell over a crater and dropped the blacked hole on my leg and it was stuck fast, I couldn't get it off my leg. "Now youv'e done it" Wheezed the pukekalien and jumped back into the crater. I decided to go back with the others as I was walking back to the space ship I heared the important man talking to Justice "My first name is import and my last name is Ant!" he said. From that day I have never gotten the black hole off my leg. If you are still awake you should be in the book of records by now. I hope you enjoyed my story.The End

Update of the Drink Bottle Collector**

An update about the mysterious drink bottle collector:

Luce is getting a bit better at making sure she takes her drink bottles home.
So far this term she has only had five drink bottles at the most!!-(pretty good huh??)
Luce is still getting better but sometimes I wonder...........

Sunday, November 14, 2010



3 Qzealand times journalists are holding a scribble a picture competition. That means that you make a picture by scribbling. It is to be judged by Zia, Maddy and Grace. No entry's will be excepted after the 18Th of November.

Success Criteria:
It's got to have voice.
It has to be inviting to the eye.
There must be a picture.
The picture should be easy to see.
It must be bold, bright and beautiful.
You HAVE to enjoy it.

So get scribbling and get your entry in.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Cutest Pet Photo Winners. **

1st Place: Maddy. (Entry above)

2nd Place: Alan. (Entry above)
3rd Place: Thomas. (Entry above)

Well done you three

Monday, October 11, 2010

Cutest Pet Photo**

The Cutest Pet Photo comp is not over. It closes on Wednesday next week.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Photo Comp Results**

From top 1st place Alan and Caleb, 2nd place Kale and Karina, 3rd place Egg and Mike.
Thanks to every one who entered they were all great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Lucy the Pool Shark

Check out Lucy's style in this pool shot. Notice how she connected with the bottom part of the ball, creating some nice backspin and preventing the white from going into the pocket.

You're a pretty good player, Lucy, and you nearly beat the master of the table; Corbie!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Cutest Pet Photo**

This competition is to see if you can take a good photo of your pet! Maybe you could dress it up in a tutu, spike its fur up or maybe just a cute photo.

It HAS to be a photo of your pet (Or An Animal).
It HAS to be cute.
YOU Have to take the photo. (It can't be off the internet)
It needs to be in by Friday the 22nd of October

Hannah, Libby and Alana

Send your entry's to Hannah at ''
Libby at ''
Alana at '

Good luck with the photos!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Luce's Free Writing.**

When I am sitting here all I can see is TeeCee writing so fast. She is like Zia running but only with her fingers. Her hands are like little cheetahs and she has a frown on her face. I still don't know what to write. Emma's pen is really cool. It has a little maze inside it. How cool is that? Libby is like a writing machine; she is writing crazy-fast. Anyway I still do not know what to write. Everyone is frowning they all look so funny. Britt is biting the bottom of her lip and the timer has just stopped so, bye.

By: Luce

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Photo Time**

We are holding a competition to test your skills in photography. Make up a group of two and accept the challenge of taking a photo of your partner in the air. Your choice of action could range from jumping off a chair to doing a forward flip on the tramp.
The winning team will be the one with the most breath-taking and exciting photo!!!
The judges will be Zia, Kate and Maddy
The closing date will be the 9th of September.

You must be in the air when the photo is taken.
You must work in twos.
Your photo must be in focus, with good photography skills.
You must be with a partner from our class.

S50 1st prize reward.


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hair Competition**

The hair competition accidentally kept going. We have only one entry and it's closing on Tuesday the 24th of August at 9.00.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Email from Africa

Hi TC and LC 13,

Sorry I haven't been in touch earlier, I have been very busy here in Durban, and am usually exhausted by the time I get home that I can't face writing emails.
I hope you are all doing well and continuing the wonderful creativity in QZealand.

Things here are good. My mum is getting better every day. She is still in the rehabilitation unit and has a long way to go with her therapy. She still can't use her right arm or leg, but she is making slow progress. She was able to come home for the afternoon on Saturday and the day on Sunday so she was very relieved to be back in her own house. I am spending most of the day with her, taking her the newspapers and some good coffee, so not much free time, which is a shame because the weather here is AMAZING! It's like 25 degrees, blue skies, the sea is like a millpond and just so lovely. Unfortunately I can't swim in the sea because the annual sardine migration in happening where the sardines swim up the east coast of South Africa and the sea is FULL of sharks, dolphins and whales, so they lift the shark nets so that none will get caught in them. Therefore swimming is banned, which is really bad timing for me!

Anyway, I'll be back in Palmerston North on Sunday... I just hope I am not too tired from the flight to see South Africa beat the All Blacks !! :)

Take care everyone!


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mathex Results**

The people in mathex did very well and got great scores. Here's their teams final results...

Aidan's team came fourth out of around 30 schools.
Zia and Alan's team came 13th out of around 30 schools.

(Around Palmerston North)!

I think they did really well because it would be very hard and they were competing against so many other schools.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Freaky F day!**

Well our 'F' Day is under way here in QZealand. We have a range of different F's from a FEMALE CORBIN, to a freaky bedhead! AND we have a range of different clothes, from P.Js to bright green tights! We couldn't hope for a better Friday!
Here's what Hannah Montana (i.e CORBIN) has to say about this Freaky Friday:
"F day is just a beautiful day. We get to dress up as anything starting with 'F' and I hope Fiona Macdermiad has THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS ! :)"
Thanks Hannah Montana
We hope all the QZealanders in QZealand have a great day as well as a fantastic market day.
Hi QZealanders
I'm glad you enjoyed the quizzes.
Maybe you want to know that we went to the Military Tattoo on Saturday night.
I really loved it.

Here are some more quiz questions for you:

1. What Scottish clan do the Curries belong to?
2. What language is spoken in Ireland besides English?
a. Arabic
b. Gaelic
c. Turkish
d. Spanish
3. What are the colours on the Scottish flag?
4. What is the capital city of Ireland?
5. What is the Gaelic name for Ireland?
6. What is the name of the famous musical performance that is held at Edinburgh Castle each year that NZ always participates in?
We're are off to Paris tomorrow and we are going to the Euro Disneyland!
I can't wait to go on all of the rides!!!
Anyway, I'll see you soon.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fiendishly Funny Friday for Fiona**

This Friday at Riverdale School we are having an 'F' Day because Zia's mum is going to Canada for a mountain biking comp and will be wearing the silver fern. Well done Fiona Q Zealand wishes you the best of luck.

BUT the NZ team has not got a lot of money so Riverdale School wants to help because Fiona helps Riverdale a lot. Like she helped with the Cross Country and the Interschool Cross Country and other sporting things. So on Friday we are having an 'F' Day so come dressed as something that starts with 'F' and bring a gold coin [remember a $5 starts with an F]

So the next time you see Fiona say, ''Well done and good luck,'' because this is a big thing for her and us.




'F' Day**

Here are some Idea,s for F Day so take some advice and try not to be boring
Fairy, Farmer,
Female (boys only it, would be boring for a girl)
FREAK, fish,
Frog, Football player,
Food, Fred Flintstone,
The Flintstones,
Fisherman, Flag.

So we are all expecting crazy and exciting class this Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Miss Morris Is Leaving **

Totsiens.(the Afrikaans word for good bye)
Miss Morris, our student teacher is leaving!
It was fun with her teaching because we learnt about Measurement and capacity and then made Cake or Pizza. Sadly she's going back to Africa tomorrow. She's just visiting her parents but she's coming back to New Zealand, and she said that she's going to come back to QZealand when we're least expecting her.
[Tricky Miss Morris, Of course... She's a tricky person so it's very likely that she will be tricky]
(-: :-)
All the people in QZealand Wish you good luck in South Africa!
We all hope you enjoy your time there.

Hair competition**

We are doing a hair competition!
NOT here but hair!
Get a close up picture of your hair and send it to
Kate Libby or Grace
BUT there is one catch! when you send the email DON'T say who is from!
Because it a guessing game!
So we'll get all the people who entered to try and guess other peoples hair!
The winner will be the person who has the hardest hair to guess!
The winner get 50 snidges and runner up gets 20 snidges and third place get 10 snidges
  • it has to be some one in the class
  • it can not be a animal
  • and it has to be photo
if you are smart don't pick Kate

Tuesday 10 August

Good luck

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Britt's car crash**

This is Britt's scar ^^ And the one up top is her car!
WOW! Last week on Sunday Britt was in a car crash!
Here what Britt has to say:
"It was a scary experience! All I saw was headlights coming at us. We were thankful that it was in a 30 kmh area. We had to go to the hospital that night to get checked on, I was the reason we got held up from going home. I was waiting for a ultrasound but then I didn't want it anymore so we just went home, at 1 o'clock at night. But I'm fine now. "
Here are some pictures of her family's car. It was an Audi. Sad, right?
There is also one of her scar (OH OUCH!) up top.
WOW! That must have been so scary! Britt you are so brave!!!!!

Lucy Br is Cat Girl **

Today Lucy Br came to school looking like a cat. She had a cool sword, a cat mask and a great hat. Lucy did some moves for us and here they are. Nobody could tell who she was.
Good luck Cat Girl in saving the town.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Your views**

Here at the QZ Times we love to hear your views.
Share your views on comps, stories anything but make sure you have put your name on it so you can get a letter back.
Send your views to
Love to hear from you.

Karen's Pentagon star!**

Well, Karen has finally finished her pentagon star and here is Zia interviewing her about it.
Well done Karen!

Alans Awesome Catapult!**

Here is a video of Alan's Catapult that he showed and did a presentation to.
His PI was on Ancient Rome

Great Work Alan!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hello Maddy**

Hi Maddy
We all hope you are having a good time overseas!
Where have you been? Met any funny people? Have you been to the Eiffel Tower? AND we miss you heaps!
From all the QZealanders."HI MADDY!"

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

More mysteries from Maddy

I've got some questions for you:

1: The Colliseum in Rome was famous for what?

2: What movie used a lot of scenery and buildings in Austria?
a. The Sound of Music
b. Anne of Green Gables
c. Spongebob Square Pants
d. Heidi

3: How tall is the Eiffel Tower in feet? Convert that to metres.

4: What is the city in Austria that we know as Vienna actually called, and how do the Austrians pronounce it?

There are six answers to get right for S50!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Maddy in Europe

I have attached some photos of the places we have seen and been.
See if you can figure out where the places are.
Anyway, we are off to Ireland today so probably won't email for about a week.

Ciao! Au revoir! Auf Wiedersehen! Arrivederci!
From Maddy

Brand new challenge for a S50 bonus. Correctly identify:
  • the city and country in the top picture
  • country in the bottom picture
  • language and meaning for each word/phrase in the last paragraph
  • That's a total of 11 answers to research correctly. No adult help please.

  • Bon chance.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Maddy's Magnificent Mind Mesmeriser

1: What are Dutch wooden shoes called in the Netherlands?
2: What country is Innsbruck in?
3: What is the name of the big bell in St Stephen's Tower located in London?
4: Do the people of Germany like to be called Barvarians or Germans first?
5: Which country does the currency of Franks apply to?
a. Scotland
b. Belgium
c. Switzerland
d. Italy
6: Is Venice North, South, East or West of Rome and what country is it in?

And the rules are:
You can't ask TC.
You can't ask any other adults.
You have to find it out yourself.
Everyone who gets them all correct will receive S30.00

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Zia conquers the basic facts ladder**

"Mastermind" Macdermid conquers the basic facts ladder! Now she can either help others or jump off. Victory!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Caleb's Personal Investigation

We have some videos and pictures to show you what he has done, He did his PI on "Can I learn Puff The Magic Dragon on the Saxophone in 2 weeks??" His answer was "Yes I achieved it and now I will play it for you". Kale volunteered to play on the Saxophone there are videos of him and Caleb playing. Well Done Caleb!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

End of Term

Time to clear out all the water bottles for the end of term... Luce has eight!!!!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Other Reflection Competion entries**

I would like to say thank you to all of you who entered our competition.
These are the rest of the picture entries.
Pictures from bottom: Kelly, Hannah, TC.