Monday, May 18, 2015

Why Clicquot should be able to come to Riverdale School in our class?

We should have Clicquot at Riverdale School and these are three of my reasons why we love and want Clicquot here at Riverdale School.

Firstly, Clicquot will not let us get distracted and he will definitely be quiet at school.   He does his business outside I promise you.  He is a very good dog and isn't ever bad because he knows he might get a treat from T.C.

Secondly, Clicquot is not harmful and definitely will not bite.  He is the cutest dog and very fluffy. Nobody would be scared by him.  He is not a big dog and is only about 35 - 45cm tall. He loves anyone who pats him or rubs his ears.

Thirdly, everybody loves Clicquot, he does not hurt any one. He loves principals named Mrs Peck.  We even have rules for if Clicquot does come and those rules are, We can't go up to him he has to come to us and it is only a quick pat, if we get to distracted he won't come anymore.  But that wouldn't happen because I already said that he is a good dog not a bad dog.

So those are my reasons why Clicquot should be able to stay in the class with us and he will not run out of the class and disturb other people from other classes because he is not like that but he is sometimes a bit sneaky. Also he has quite a groove and he is pretty good at doing cool dances.

Monday, May 11, 2015

What Do kids in LC8 have for breakfast and in their lunch?

I asked ten different people what hey had for breakfast. It was very interesting what I found out. Have a read.        Then I asked ten more kids what they had in their lunch and this was the result.

Nutrigrain - 2                                                            Sandwich - 8                 popcorn - 1  

Toast - 1                                                                    Apple - 5                      yogurt - 2

Cake Rust - 1                                                            muffin - 3                     Slice - 1

WeetBix - 4                                                              museli bar -  5

Cornflakes - 1                                                           banana - 3

Cocopops - 1                                                            Chips - 7

Eggs - 1                                                                    Kiwifruit - 2    
                                                                                 Wheelies - 3
                                                                                 Pears - 2

                                                                                Dried Apricot - 1

                                                                                Cookies - 3

These are all the things I found out about what people have for breakfast and what they have in their lunch.

Monday, May 4, 2015

P.I comments

Listen up everyone. When someone does a P.I. you should be commenting well.

You don't just write, "Great P.I speak louder," or "Cool P.I." You should actually mean the comment and write what they did well and why and what they need to work on. Not just "Great P.I.," and remember your capital letters and full stops.

You will have a great comment if you listen to what I have said.