Thursday, August 18, 2016

The sad story - By Maggie

 The Sad Story

To start this terrible story let’s go back ten years six months and 11 days …

Once there lived a little girl called Maggie. She was an only child. She lived a happy life with her mum and dad until two years later. But we are not up to that part of the story yet. So yes, she lived a happy life pulling the toilet paper out of the toilet rack and dragging it around the house, doing puppet shows with her dad, playing on the tramp with her mum and having tea parties with her nana.  

Then the tragic thing happened two years later. Her mum was in the hospital and Maggie could not see her for two days. Then on the third day her dad let her come into the hospital with him..

When they got inside the hospital. Dad said to Maggie. ”You have got to be quiet." Maggie could not speak properly because she was only two so she did not respond.

As they walked into her mum’s room Maggie stood there. Her mum was holding something in her hands.  “Come over here Maggie, ” said mum quietly.  “Look it is your new baby sister Hannah. " Maggie stood there in shock. It was ludicrous. Why did they need another? They have me. What are they going to do with me? What if they throw me out?

A few weeks later...

They did not discard me but I found out something … I was not the only kid any more.  No more me all the time.

By Maggie
Lc 8

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