Thursday, August 4, 2016

Josh's year 4 writing

Lately I've been searching through my Google Drive and I've found this, read it, tell me what you think! This is all unedited year 4 writing by the way!

I've always been good at writing, here is one of my story's!

Hi! I’m a turtle; this is a story of my childhood. One day I went out for a swim and my mum said, “Don’t swim far!” But because I was a disobedient fellow I didn’t listen. Suddenly a shape appeared above me and something jumped into the water. It had a helmet and this strange suit on. Then I remembered my mum saying those creatures were deadly. The creature snatched up a stick with a sharp pointed end, which my mum called a spear gun. I dashed off as fast as I could; I had to warn the inhabitants of the reef. “EVERYBODY SWIM, HIDE! HUNTERS ARE NEAR!” We swam for the rocks just as the hunter popped into view. Unexpectedly a baby angelfish started to cry. Luckily the creature peered over the rocks but didn’t find us! I learnt a lesson from that day – listen to your elders. And that’s my story.

By Josh Smit

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