Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Girls night out! -By Josh

Girls Night Out

Here's the story of girls! If you want to be a girl follow my lead. This is how my attempt with the girls went!

"Hey gurls, let's talk about gurly things like cute kittens, and, and, um, your, PONIES yes, yes, that's it ponies and pink unicorns and rainbows."

"Jules?" they replied, "How about we go to the movies like totes" 
"Yeah like totes! Like totes!" I replied. But when they said movies I thought they meant let's watch Cinderella or The Sleeping Beauty!

But No they said "Let's watch Barbie!" And Barbie is a boys movie! Isn't it? I mean you've all watched Barbie. Haven't you!?

 I was flabbergasted when they said it was a girls movie! The movie was sooo good. But because I thought it was a boys movie I'd watched 5 times!

After that I was like "Let's go to  macers!" They just rejected the idea like totes and said "Let's just get a smoothie!"

- Josh S

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