Thursday, May 26, 2016

Our P.I's! -By Nadia Mabey

Our P.I’s!

Everyday in Qzealand we have a P.I. Lately we have had some very good ones. Our first P.I was actually from me. I did it about countries of the world. Everyone seemed to really enjoy it.

Our second P.I was from Dan. He did his about his cat Tiger. It was very interesting.
The next P.I was from T.C’s dog Cliquot. He did his about: Why do dogs roll in stinky stuff? Clicquot did a very good 

 Then we had Noah's P.I. He did his about catapults. Noah had very good audience interaction because he got 4 people to try and make a catapult.
Our next P.I was from Emma and her question was what were toys like 100 years ago? She did an awesome job of making some toys that they actually used 100 years ago. 

Then we had Megan's P.I which was about bees. Everyone got to try some honey that Megan's family had made.

After that we had Fraser’s P.I about bravery. It was very interesting and he had made a shield where we all wrote something about something that we had done which had been brave.

Then we had Maggie’s P.I and her topic was about the lochness monster in Scotland. Maggie did her P.I on a very cool website called Powtoon. 

Our next P.I was Shay's which was about soccer. Shay had a very good quiz that got the audience interacted. 

Then we had Brayton’s P.I and that was about rugby. In Braytons P.I everyone got to go outside and we got to see who could do the longest kick in our class. The winner was Tom. 

Then we had a very exciting P.I about sea life from Tom. Toms P.I was very good and everyone seemed to really like it! 

Finally we had Akiva’s P.I which was: Why do french bulldogs get their tails cut off? Akiva even brought in her own french bulldog called Zoe. Zoe was very cute! All our P.I’s  have been sensational so far and I am really looking forward to all the other P.I’s!

  • Nadia Mabey

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