Monday, May 30, 2016

Nadia's dog Jasper

My Dog Jasper

About a year ago my family decided to get a cute little puppy. Well he turned out to be very naughty. At first I really did not want to call our dog Jasper. But now I actually quite like the name! Jasper is a schnoodle ( schnauzer crossed with a poodle). He is a boy and Jasper has dark brown eyes and light black fur. We have noticed that in the middle of Jasper's fur is a golden streak that has just appeared lately. Whenever we leave home and we open the gate to get the car out Jasper decides to be naughty and runs out the gate down to someone's compost. We try to stop Jasper but every time he comes back with something disgusting from the persons compost. We tried taking Jasper to about 3 different puppy schools but he will just not behave. We have decided to just try and train Jasper at home now. Jasper is very naughty but he is also very cuddly, loving and very energetic and our family still loves him a lot!

By Nadia Mabey

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