Sunday, June 26, 2016



Tonight brothers, we shall have a clandestine meeting!

(At the meeting)

Alright brothers tonight we shall rob our favourite shop and add the stuff to our collection!

The location of the store is at the corner of Alpine Avenue, next to that scoldy fish & chips shop and has that park on the other side.

Now I hate to break it to you but when we arrived the place was blocked off with cones and officers!

It was like they knew that we were coming! And that’s disturbing because it could mean we have a traitor in our midst!

So we asked the cops what was happening and it turns out that Fraser had already come by.

Now when somebody robs our favourite store, we get angry. But not just angry, angry with steam coming out of our nose and ears and our face is as red as a beetroot!

So we told the cops that we were gonna rob the store but our arch enemy had got there first.

The cops were very soft hearted so they started to feel sorry for us!

To Be Continued...

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