Sunday, June 5, 2016

The Lost - By Josh Smit

The Lost

Have you ever had that sinking feeling?  When the worst possible outcome happens? When you just wish you could go back in time?

That happened to me tonight.  I had an ominous feeling that my new kitten Puma, had ran away...

It was dark and cold when we got home and as soon as we pulled up the drive we charged inside and asked dad if he’d let Puma out. He replied, 
“No, I haven’t seen her since this morning!” And that was it… those few words started the panic! First we had a good look around the house, then in her most common hiding spots. I started to freak out.

I grabbed my jacket and a torch and headed out into the unknown (A.K.A. my backyard). She hasn’t got a collar yet so if she was found they wouldn’t have a clue who the owner was. When we went around the back we heard some soft miaows coming from next door! We trooped around to our neighbour and asked them to open their garage. As we looked into the garage Puma shot out as if electrocuted, but we found her and that’s all that matters!  We don’t want to loose her again!

(We lost her again 2 nights later!)

By Josh Smit

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